Thursday, February 14, 2008

Coffee Fest, Coffee Art

I know it’s last minute, but I’m really hoping Bean & Leaf is going to send me down to the Coffee Fest in D.C. this weekend. Hopefully they have a jet chartered at Bradley and a car will come pick me up on Friday evening.

And if doesn’t work out for this weekend then maybe it will for Hong Kong? Sounds like a company trip to me.

Also check out this amazing coffee art. I had no idea anyone could create such things.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Hello coffee-lovers and welcome to the new Bean & Leaf blog. We’re gonna spend some time here talking about anything and everything that has to do with coffee and tea.

I’m sure you can tell the difference between a good espresso and a bad one, but now a machine can, too.

And I’m certain you know all the good things caffeine can do for your brain, but here’s a site that will help you optimize that delicious buzz.

There’s lots more to come so add us to your RSS feed and stop back often to join in the discussion.