Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun for the Whole Family

Last night the Bean was hopping. Tons of people outside and quite a few inside as well. There were kids running around outside, conversation and laughter over cups, spoken word from the stage and the grind of beans about to be brewed from behind the counter. The whole family was there, all 3 generations, as well as a gaggle of friends and customers all hanging out, enjoying the gorgeous summer eve.

It was an amazing sight to pull into the parking lot and see.

I had been on the road all day, from Farmer's Market to coffeeshops to restaurants and beyond and seeing everyone there having fun made every mile of the road worth it. I can help make Bean & Leaf flourish by spreading our coffee far and wide and I have so much fun doing it.

Leads are coming to me quicker now. I have a network of people and accounts throughout CT that acts as ears and eyes, identifying opportunities for Bean & Leaf, and sending them my way. I'm always eager to hear about great restaurants, new coffee houses and any other place that fits the style and ethos of our shop. Please let me know anytime you see someplace that looks good!

Wait, you didn't know we had an ethos? Of course we do! Even Walter knows how important it is to have an ethos. Stop by, have a cup and hang out and you'll see what we're all about.

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