Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Taste Testing

Today was a farmer's market at Billing's Forge in Hartford. Typically Bean & Leaf is there on Thursdays, but we gave Monday a shot this week. Ice coffee sold well, and I'm looking forward to more good days in the heart of Hartford.

Tomorrow I'll be roasting at the shop. If you stop by and say hi I'll be sure to let you taste some of the fresh coffee. Last week 2 customers were a big help. I had them taste some lightly roasted beans and others with a slightly heavier roast and, of course, they each liked a different cup. Therefore the solution became obvious. The Black and Tan-zania Blend. You get the earthy, cocoa hints of the light beans and then the strong, full coffee flavor of the darker beans. It's a perfect balance, and a fun way to draw out the best of an amazing bean.

Later on in June we will definitely have a coffee cupping. Look for a signup sheet in the shop in the next few days, or feel free to drop me an email if you want to participate. (just be sure to fix the address, I broke it to prevent spambots from grabbing it.)

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