Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Great Success!

Sailfest was a great success for Bean & Leaf. Saturday the 12th was our 364th day open, and it was our best one yet.

As for me, work is getting crazier by the day. Soon I'll be so far over my head I'll be swimming in roasted coffee beans. I've added another farmer's market to my schedule for a total of 3 which means lots more roasting, bagging and cruising the highways of CT. Thursday is now a very full day with the Hartford market in the morning and then the Simsbury one in the afternoon. But I love doing them. It is a great way to connect with the community and really get a chance to talk to people about what we are trying to do at Bean & Leaf.

This morning was a great opportunity for that, too. I had a presentation at my Leads Group for the New Haven Chamber, and it went very well. I talked about the History of Bean & Leaf, the History of Coffee and then How We Do Things. People were engaged, enjoying the coffee and peppering me with questions. Everyone left chatting and talking which is exactly what coffee should do, and one of the reasons coffeehouses were briefly banned in 17th century England by Charles II. Too much talking about too many things the Crown didn't want discussed.

More updates will be coming more often I swear. It's just damn tough with those gorgeous summer nights out there and after a full day of driving or roasting or meeting with potential clients, jumping on the computer to write seems really tough. A beer in the back yard with the paper and a breeze seems so much more appealing. No matter. I feel so much better when the blog is fresh and new, so never again will 2 weeks go by without a new post. Count on it!

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