Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Sunday

Someday I hope to have a blog for Bean & Leaf that is filled with tales of our adventures to the source of our beans. But for now, though you'll have to contend with reports from the local farmer's markets instead of distant coffee farms.

Coventry was again a very good market for Bean & Leaf. Lots of repeat customers, and even better, previous customers bringing over friends and family to pick up a cup and buy some beans.

I have my bagging cut out for me for next week. It's Dog Days there on Aug. 3 which means even more people stop by because it's a great big doggie-fest there, too. Bring your pooch and come on up.

After the market we stopped at the Bidwell Tavern for some lunch and a pint. They have about 20 different sauces for their wings and the 2 we had were amazing. Looking forward to trying the rest!

On the way out we also drove by the Mansfield Drive-In and Lake Wangumbaug. Now call me crazy, but a morning at the market followed by a dip in the lake, lunch at the tavern and then a drive-in movie to cap off the eve sounds like a wonderful way to spend a summer Sunday in Connecticut.

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