Friday, May 9, 2008

Organic Growth

May is already spiraling out of control. On Wednesday I roasted more than I ever have in one sitting (standing), and already there is more to do. Despite the weather, I have roads to travel and deliveries to make tomorrow. From Hamden to Hartford and then back down to New London I will be out there in a car filled with coffee spreading our beans far and wide.

After that there's more to bag for early next week, espresso to blend, new coffees to roast and so much to taste as we start into this summer season. The perfect ice-coffee is near at hand. A machine for traveling and brewing all wrapped into one is nearly completion. Restaurants and coffeeshops throughout CT are starting to serve our coffee and a thousand different farmer's markets are out there for us tap.

I can feel my brain stretching and expanding as I find new accounts and make new contacts. Between the New Haven Chamber, GreenDrinks, a local business leads group and the current purveyors of Bean & Leaf bags, I feel like I am being tossed like a bean in the roasting drum. But I can take the heat. I love it, actually. I love finding more people that enjoy what we have to offer and are eager to help us to grow. It is spring, after all, and we are flourishing like a vine, out of control.

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