Sunday, March 30, 2008

Busy Bagging Beans

Whew! What a week! Wednesday was the first weekday Farmer's Market at Fiddleheads, and to be honest, it was a little slow. There's talk of moving it deeper into the afternoon going forward, and I do think that'll help. We did start to get a pop right around lunch and after, but if we were still up there at 5pm when people were leaving work, I think we would definitely see more traffic. Letting all that delicious coffee go un-drunk is criminal!

Spent that afternoon roasting away, then labeling, then waiting for more labels, then a mad-dash race to Staples before it closed that I couldn't even find, then a futile search through Wal-Mart for the right labels, then glorious success when Missy found some printable stickers that weren't exactly the right size, but actually worked perfectly.

That my 8:55pm dash through New London in a vain search for Staples and labels actually led me to the parking lot of a barely-open liquor store was well-timed and correct. As a result we were able to sip Harpoons while weighing beans and the mad-dashery of the day was left behind as we banged out bags and got psyched for all the happy people that would have our coffee the next day.

Thursday I did a tea tasting and demonstration for a local coffee shop that went really well. More on that tomorrow.

Then Friday -> Saturday happened
, which should never be spoken of again.

Today I was back in action and off to the shop ready to roast some more. Tomorrow I have a meeting with Steven Winter Associates in Norwalk and I am very much looking forward to tasting some coffee with them and talking about why SWA and Bean & Leaf are a perfect match.

As I mixed our House Blend I listened to some amazing poetry at the shop today, and that happens every Sunday afternoon. So please stop on by and listen in, and if you're feeling brave get up there and speak some words. One of these days I may even take the stage and torture you with some scrambled metaphors and elusive imagery of my own.

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