Thursday, March 13, 2008

Solving Coffee Problems

Decisions are never easy, but I guess when it comes to selecting the house blend you will offer under your own name, it gets even tougher. Foodworks II had three blends from us: earth, perfect and moonless. The staff got together and tasted them, and across a handful of people the answer came back... tied. Well, earth and moonless tied, and perfect lost by 1. But now we have to figure out a way to help them decide between the two blends.

Perhaps a public tasting will solve the problem for them. We'll go into the store, make a big pot of each blend and let their customers sort it out. After all, this isn't only about what the staff at the store likes, but what their patrons will enjoy, as well. And if it has to come to blows, so be it. In the end, one blend will stand above.

Went to GreenDrinks tonight at iPark and it was a great event. Talked to some people who have horrid coffee in their office and so I'm going to go in let them taste how good it can be. They will be floored by the naturally occurring flavors. They are a green building company, and so they need to have our beans.

Also met the owners of a village store that is *the* morning stop-off in their town. Their building is a protected historical location and they want to fill it with organic and sustainable products, including fresh coffee and tea. We can help them do that. They seemed very excited about the idea of biodegradable cups, lids, stirrers, etc. Little do they know they won't even need sugar or cream.

Our coffee is sweet and delicious all on its own.

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