Friday, March 21, 2008

The Proof is in the Puppets

The Boxcutter Cabaret was at the shop tonight, and as I drove north on I95 only 4 exits down the road I realized I had left my camera at home. But no matter, I figured, there would be photos. Then I would speak to the person who took them and give them my email address and ask them nicely for some copies of their wonderful photographs for this blog. And, at the very least, Missy would have her camera, obviously.

But you'll notice something about this post. There are no photos. That is because no one had a camera. And looking back at tonight's raucous, raggedly, lively and wonderful puppet show I can see how photographs would have diminished and flattened the loose and hilarious essence of this night.

Sometimes, you just have to be there to see what happens. Sometimes, the live event is all that matters.

And a lot of people did show up. Packed, in fact, would be the way I would describe the shop tonight. Standing room only, even! But you'll not believe me, I know. Which is why the photographs would have come in handy, to prove the packedness of the place tonight. It was amazing to hear the applause and laughter and see vibrant theater tonight, in the Bean & Leaf shop.

Thanks for coming down if you were in the crowd, and if not this time we can't wait to see you next.

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Anonymous said...

Box cutter was a hoot!
Grow your own, strike a blow for freedom!
I hope I didn't keep anyone up all night with the Yunnan Orange.

But where does the toast come from?