Monday, March 10, 2008

Rare and Delicious

I cannot wait until the day I get to walk into a new store or coffee shop and start talking to them about our coffee, and I get to say to them, "Here, try this. I roasted these yesterday." And then watch their eyes light up when the sweet brew first hits their lips. Coffee that fresh doesn't appear very often.

Luckily, I won't have to wait long. Got a second lesson on the roaster and next time I'm on my own. It is a fairly straightforward process, but there are a lot of variables that can change the outcome of a roast. The amount of beans, how hot the roaster is before you start, vents, flame level, all kinds of little adjustments that will change the way they taste after they have cooled. I am very excited to learn the subtle intricacies of a perfectly roasted bean.

Also had to do a delivery this morning, and it was tons of fun. They were so happy to have our bags arrive. Foodworks II is a great natural food store on Main Street in Old Saybrook, and we are thrilled to be selling there. Right now they are also trying three different blends, and one of them will become their specialty house blend. We'll have a tasting there in 2 weeks (Sat March 21).

Speaking of tastings, the Whitneyville one Saturday went great. Even though it was pouring out the store was quite busy and a lot of people had a sample. We served Huehuetenango and Rwandan and the huehue only won out by a bit. 11 bags, total, out the door, and lots more ready on the shelves in a great central location. The pics, obviously, are from that event.

Tons more great stuff is coming up for Bean & Leaf. We're working on getting into several more stores and we hope to have some caterers serving our beans before too long. But the day we get a local coffee shop to carry our beans exclusively will be a very good day indeed. I'm certain it will happen soon.

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