Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Always More to Learn

I have yet to attend a coffee cupping, but I am eager to do so. Especially after reading this description of the process.
I'm also looking forward to taking roasting lessons at some point. Diedrich, the company that built our roaster, has lessons. But I've read that those lessons are more 'roaster operating instructions' and a sales presentation. They do, however, build a sweet machine. Every week I look forward to playing with it again.

School of Coffee seems to be more instructional and intensive and that sounds good to me. On the other hand Ambex sounds more like a field trip than a class. There's just a few too many exclamation points in that schedule as well as a group photo shoot that I'm not quite sure about. Then there's Boot Coffee which also has the benefit of being located only a skip and a jump from San Francisco.

The class I like the best, though, is this one in Guatemala.

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