Monday, April 7, 2008

Upcoming Opportunities

Today I roasted with a specific audience in mind. Early in the AM tomorrow I am going to stop by Klekolo in Middletown. I was in there last week to check them out, and I love what this coffeeshop is all about. They take any and all beans, sample them, and then if they like them they add them to the already extensive menu. If not, the beans are cast into a bin and discarded forever. I hope my roasts are up to par.

I will also be doing a tea demonstration for It's Only Natural, and soon they will be serving our coffee. They are all about local, fresh and organic which is a natural fit for Bean & Leaf. We're thrilled to be working with them and I definitely plan on sticking around for lunch.

Wednesday night is GreenDrinks in Fairfield, and I will be there serving coffee. Yirgacheffe will definitely be one of the brews, as well as decaf, but the third offering is up for grabs. Whatever tastes best when I'm at the Bean Wednesday morning will be the call.

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