Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fresher Faster Fun

I labeled and loaded 50 bags of beans yesterday and they are nearly sold. Add on a few 5lbers, some tasting samples and extra-strength brews for iced-coffee and suddenly it's time to roast again. More beans through the machine is the goal but I can see a threshold beyond which it is going to start to get crazy.

I can't wait.

Already the afternoons get away from me, even when I get to the shop while the sun is still young. Soon I'm going to need assistants, more space for roasted beans and most definitely a machine that can take the pain out of bagging. That's the one spot that hurts when it is time to distribute large quantities of beans.

But here are the good things: You are getting hand crafted coffee beans. We don't have much space to store so the beans are insanely fresh. I take your order, roast the beans, bag them and then deliver them. It doesn't get more hands on than that.

Best of all, we are growing every week and that means more beans, fresher and faster, and that is so much fun.

The pictures you see in this blog were taken in our shop by Scott Brunza, last weekend. They are owned and operated by him and if you want blown-up copies of our sick roaster and fresh delicious beans for your home or office, just let me know and I'll pass it on.

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