Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fiddleheads Vendors

There will be a bunch of vendors at the Fiddleheads farmer's market tomorrow from 2:30-5:30pm and it would be fantastic to see more customers take advantage of that. Now that spring is here we have enough wonderful produce and fresh products to sustain two markets. We know there is more than enough need for it, we just have to get the word out, and you can help us to that!

Below are some quick links for some of the vendors at Fiddleheads on Wednesday. Please spread this information far and wide, to whoever you know that lives near New London.

Here's the flyer. And here are some of the vendors, picked out of an organic hat so in no particular order:

Four Mile River Farm
Meriano's Bake Shoppe
Stonewall Apiary
Breads' n' Cookies
dagmar's desserts
Keifer's Kettlecorn
Nature's Edge Farm
18th Century Purity Farm
Two Guys From Woodbridge

And lots more here.

Also, Fiddleheads can be found in the MySpace universe at this location. Friend them up yo!

I have more vendor info to add, and if you have any questions you can always leave a comment and I will contact you, or email me directly: chrisg at bean-leaf.com

See you at the market!

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LittlePaintedPolkaDots said...

Mmm...this blog makes me want a great scone and a hot cup of coffee. Is it supposed to have that effect:-)